1. avatar CatMac
    My first post!
    I have been online looking for a choir to join as I love to sing. I have preformed on numerous occasions and been involved in some huge productions including Les Miserables but I still suffer slightly with nerves so for this reason I have decided that in order for me to do what I love I must do it with other people.

    I love everything from Aretha Franklin to Queen and Alicia Keys to Luciano Pavarotti with a bit of everything in between. I love to harmonize and cant wait to get started on something.

    HERE IS MY PROBLEM>>>> I can not find a choir suitable. either auditions have already taken place or they simply are not taking on new members. Do you know of a choir or group that is looking for members? OR are you in the same position as myself and would like to start something? Maybe something a little bit different? I have been told that I should be using my voice and would not want to restrict things to the normal 'choir style'!!

    I would love to hear from any musician, singers, writers, people with a instrumental gift perhaps?

    If you can help in anyway and would like to get something started then I would LOVE to hear from you!!!! I might even be able to source a practice space but to begin with anything I need people to join me!

    It could be a hobby for some and for others like myself it may well be a step in the right direction!

    Thank you all very much and please use the gumtree reply method- we can take it from there! O and I am a 28yr old female!

    All the best,

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  3. avatar trickp.a.
    ideas like this is why i use fastfude. this is absolutely brilliant!

    a collective would be absolutely fantastic and I wouldnt be one for the traditional style of choir music.

    count me in
  4. avatar sleepygirl
    My first post!
    Hey I am knew to Fastfude so I know I am replying quite late but these ideas really appealed to me, I don't know if anything has progressed further but would interested in joining if possible or coming together to hear your ideas. I am 23, taking singing lessons and also battle a bit with nerves but wanna meet more musicians, interested in singing etc and just enjoy singing and performing more. Would like to get in touch to hear some of your ideas etc so let me know thanks :)
  5. avatar MSB Mastering
    Any progress on this? I'm one of the engineers recording a lot of choirs and ensembles for Komodo recordings and have been wanting to work on this sort of stuff for a while. Please do e-mail info (at} komodorecordings.com if you (any of you) make any progress on anything like this. I'd love to work on acappella versions of Knife Party's "Bonfire", stuff by Owl city, Burzum, Sepultura, Palestrina and stuff that would really challenge people's preconceptions about what good music is. I also know lots of musicians from different musical worlds and would love to get people guesting. I'm also in touch with a few musicians from India who I'd love to get over to do collaborations for an Indian TV show. Could be great craic.
  6. avatar bobikus
    Hey, I am currently sourcing female vocalists to recording backing vocals/choir vocals for a new relase I am working on, if you drop me a line at john@gatexiii.co.uk I can send you some of the demos