1. avatar Schnoozle91
    Hey, i'm a singer/guitarist based in belfast who writes songs. I have some good material in the works, and the genre is probably best described as a mix of post punk (think the cure, interpol etc) and of pop rock (the beatles, third eye blind, zombies, etc). I'm also a huge fan of stuff like Nirvana and the band Brand New. I'm pretty open to any style as long as we're writing good songs though.

    add me on facebook to organize a jam if you're interested! :)

  2. avatar Conor889
    My first post!
    Hey man I've played guitar for around 8/9 years now and been looking for someone to jam with and put lead guitar to some songs if I can. Influences include Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, jeff Buckley, ronny Jordan, al di meola, radiohead, blur, jamiroquai, little barrie, Paul weller etc. if ur interested let me know and I can pm my email over. Cheers!
  3. avatar DavidLavelle89
    Hey man were looking a singer if your interested

  4. avatar Schnoozle91
  5. avatar Schnoozle91
    and conor yes, please pm your email!