1. avatar MoPartyBelfast
    My first post!

    Mo Party Belfast will be a sort of celebration/end of Movember party on Saturday 1st December in Auntie Annies. The night will feature live music, prizes, drink promos etc all in aid of Movember.

    We've launched the social media and we're starting to create a buzz about the event. We would like to welcome bands who would be interested in playing the night to get in touch so we can finalise the event. Please email William at mopartybelfast@gmail.com

    For more info on Movember - [url=http://uk.movember.com/]http://uk.movember.com/[/url]

    Facebook - [url=www.facebook.com/MoPartyBelfast2012]www.facebook.com/MoPartyBelfast2012[/url]

    Twitter - @MoPartyBelfast

  2. avatar 666Arcane
    Beards and facial hair, only one band I can think off http://www.facebook.com/biggrizzlyband get them boys in on the action and I will round up the troops
  3. avatar skynyrd66
    Hey man Full Rejector would love to play checkout www.facebook.com/fullrejectormusic we'd put on a wicked live set for ya's up beat songs, high energy performance! email me at skynyrd66@hotmail.co.uk if you fancy taking me up on the offer! :) Mark
  4. avatar alastair14
    Hey BLOKES - My band, Paper Man, would like to join the roster if there's any chance :) Here's our Facebook page:


    We haven't much up in the way of recordings, but you can have a look and see what you think! We're just after playing the Portrush Playhouse and The Elms Bar, too!

  5. avatar Rubbersoul
    RedEye would definitely be up for this. Website:

  6. avatar hostageparty
    Hostage party Emailed you sir

    [url=http://www.facebook.com/hostageparty]Easier yet - check HOSTAGE PARTY out for free here[/url]

    Let me know either way

  7. avatar MoPartyBelfast
    Thank you to everyone who has showed interest. The response has been awesome! We will be in contact shortly.
  8. avatar sharkweek
    My first post!
    Hey, Shark Week would definitely be up for this!
    Check out our Facebook page:
  9. avatar Enkalon2
    Earls of Enkalon are down for this. I will be sporting a fucking beast of a tash by then. Here's last year's effort:


  10. avatar donWon
    all I'm saying is 50 dead men walking lol...... fair play
  11. avatar Enkalon2
    My tash is so wide it raped the margins.
  12. avatar MoPartyBelfast
    We would like to thank all the bands that showed interest in playing Mo Party Belfast. The lineup has now been finalised.
  13. avatar helmar
    Best of luck with the event :)