1. avatar thebayonettesmusic
    The Bayonettes are a Coleraine Indie band formed by 3 friends in march 2012 who share a love for performing and making music. They've been previously signed to an indie management label but dropped it after a short period of time to find comfort in managing themselves, they released a demo EP along with their Facebook page and since then have been gigging all around the north coast area, already having their 1st headline gig.
    They're currently in the midst of recording their new 5 track EP due to be released on the 21st of December 2012.

    If anyone's interested in Booking the band liking the Facebook page or listening to their music all details will be left below

    Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/TheBayonettesMusic

    Music : http://soundcloud.com/thebayonettesmusic

    Booking / Press Contact - Daniel Nicholl @ thebayonettesmusic@gmail.com
  2. avatar Therainman
    My first post!
    Not much point in bookin a band that doesn't show up if u ask me,I was at a gig u guys were supposed to play at the cellar bar,sound check was at 7 and u guys pulled out sometime between 8-9,think your excuse was not being able to get a lift down,not very professional in my opinion!
    Also what label were u guys signed to,seems a bit doubtful to me that u formed the band 8 months ago& had the time to write,record,get signed& then drop ur label all in the space of that time,but hey what do I know,keep up the good work guys!