1. avatar MiltonG565
  2. avatar MiltonG565
    would also consider a 12 inch speaker, or 10 inch speaker/s without a cab. try me!
  3. avatar The Donk
    Ive been after a local used 12" speaker myself, but to no avail. Im sure someone such as yourself would have no trouble knocking up a cab easy enough. These guys seem to be the cheapest I've found. Think they have an ebay shop too.


    I'm definitely gonna make another cabinet to match my home made 12" cab. Can't believe the volume and tone out of something that was essentially free.
  4. avatar MiltonG565
    yeah, i saw your ad. I was hoping i might have a bit more luck with someone looking rid of a homemade 12 or 10 inch cab, but clearly not. Thanks for the info anyway :)
  5. avatar MiltonG565

    have you checked out these cabs? They were designed to create the sound without coloration.
  6. avatar wannabeflea
    Hey Milty,

    I think you're dreaming looking something for a ton - if you do find something it'll likely be on the poor side. I've an aguilar 1x12 yhat's not being used, but I'd be after £180 collected for it... Oh I'm teasing now...
  7. avatar donWon
    brand spanking new b-stock 200watt 1x15 cabs for sale on Thomann for £91

    [url=http://www.thomann.de/gb/cat.html?gf=1x15_bass_cabinets&oa=pra]BASS CABS[/url]
  8. avatar MiltonG565
    cheers donwon, but i already have a 1X15.

    Yes Ian- teasing! I don't mind if it is home-built or non-branded. It needs to be alright, nothing special really. Thanks for the offer though.
  9. avatar donWon
    well theirs another one £106 for 2x10 250watts

    [url=http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_bb210t.htm]the other one[/url]
  10. avatar MiltonG565
    cheers, i'll check it out!