1. avatar trickp.a.
    Now that its been announced that Gbury is over 2 days this year, with a specific focus on Derry Bands on the friday, I wanted to start a Rumour thread.

    Day 1 (derry)

    Day 2 (The Rest)

  2. avatar MiltonG565
    I personally think it will definitely be the collapse of civilisation in northern Ireland, so i am going now to gather some pigs and hens to have ready for when we leave the complex financial system for a traditional bartering system.

    I also heard that all the derry bands are alcoholics, and suffer from degenerative hearing diseases.
  3. avatar JoePineapples
    Excellent news because as we all know 'ALL' Derry bands are class - not sure if they're class cos they're from Derry or from Derry cos they're class but the main thing is that they are all class, all of them
  4. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    There are quite a few interesting bands, electronic musicians and singer songwriters up here at the moment. I think the music being made here at the moment is alot less homogenous than music coming out of some other cities.

    We aren't alcoholics. Thanks.

    Also, not all derry bands are class. not all of them. not because they're from derry. just because they're not all class.
  5. avatar MiltonG565
    [quote:1ec4904ca3]We aren't alcoholics. Thanks.[/quote:1ec4904ca3]

    that was clearly a joke. But since you are being pedantic, i should point out that Derry will have alcoholics in it, like every other town or city in the UK.
  6. avatar JoePineapples
    Mine was obviously a joke too because I've heard some bands from Derry that are absolute shite
  7. avatar Fuzz89
    I'm an alcoholic, I think.
    But photocopied music by rentboys head to toe in lovely outfits has driven me to it...I think.
  8. avatar Osie
    My first post!
    Honestly i think its abit unfair to give bands from Derry the spotlight for the whole of the first Day.
    But saying that i'm sure there are enough good bands from Derry to fill the day.
    Same goes for the other Cities Too!
  9. avatar Bileofwood
    Am assuming that Gbury is getting some kind of grant for the CoC thing, which is fair enough. An extra day is all the festival was lacking, IMO.

    Well, that and my mate's band.

    Also, the craic in this thread? My eyes!
  10. avatar MiltonG565
    [quote:2c8d6ae98b]Am assuming that Gbury is getting some kind of grant for the CoC thing, which is fair enough. An extra day is all the festival was lacking, IMO.

    Well, that and my mate's band.

    Also, the craic in this thread? My eyes![/quote:2c8d6ae98b]

    Aye, that is probably true. all of it. apart from the last part... that IS true. i'm away to the pub.
  11. avatar Rubbersoul
    I reckon cos it's over 2 days bands who haven't played GBury before should get a headline slot. Bands like RedEye fer instance :)
  12. avatar Fuzz89
    Oi vay.
  13. avatar Rubbersoul
    Mebbe aimin a bit high LOL
  14. avatar Glasgowbury
    Only noticing this thread now - sorry for not responding sooner.

    Yeah, City Of Culture's support is giving us the opportunity to expand to an extra day which we think is a good thing and the feedback has all been positive.

    Also, acts playing the Friday night will be from throughout County Derry, not just the city which broadens the scope a good bit.

    Don't forget that tickets are on sale now (at last year's prices, no less) and make for great Christmas presents ;)

    [url=http://www.glasgowbury.com/glasgowbury-music-festival-ticket-info/]BUY GLASGOWBURY TICKETS HERE![/url]
  15. avatar trickp.a.
    I love me for starting this thread.

    When is anything getting announced band wise?

    Would have been easier to say 'when are the bands getting announced?'

    aw well
  16. avatar Glasgowbury
    We love you too!

    Band applications remain open until the end of January with the bulk of the line-up will be decided from that in the weeks and months to follow with first announcements due around March, all being well.
  17. avatar trickp.a.
    I love you glasgowbury peeps.

    And, fastfude is full of alcoholics.
  18. avatar Glasgowbury
    Don't forget that submissions remain open until the end of January so if you want to be considered for a slot at this year's Glasgowbury, get in touch!

    Full details available here: [url=http://www.glasgowbury.com/2012/11/19/submissions-open-for-2013-festival/]http://www.glasgowbury.com/2012/11/19/submissions-open-for-2013-festival/[/url]
  19. avatar Glasgowbury
    Your last chance to submit for Glasgowbury 2013 comes at the end of January.

    Full details at www.glasgowbury.com
  20. avatar Glasgowbury
    Glasgowbury has announced the first details for its 13th annual music festival, a two-day celebration of the best in homegrown talent, aiming to set Eagle’s Rock alight this July.

    Headline acts for this year’s ‘Small but Massive’ event a include a Northern Ireland exclusive performance from Downpatrick rockers [b:5f62ec4709]The Answer[/b:5f62ec4709], Derry dance duo [b:5f62ec4709]The Japanese Popstars[/b:5f62ec4709] and north coast instrumentalists [b:5f62ec4709]And So I Watch You From Afar[/b:5f62ec4709].

    The first round of announcements for this year’s festival comprises some of the best in new, emerging and established talent from throughout Ireland, including:

    [b:5f62ec4709]Jetplane Landing, Little Bear, Axis Of, Ed Zealous, In Their Thousands, More Than Conquerors, Million Dollar Reload, Trucker Diablo, The Bonnevilles, Runaway GO, PigsAsPeople, Vanilla Gloom, The Wood Burning Savages, Pretty Child Backfire, Furlo, Robyn G Shiels and Rosie Carney[/b:5f62ec4709] – with many more still to be announced!

    The announced line-up represents just the tip of the festival iceberg with over 50 acts still to be unleashed. This year’s festival also sees the return of the acclaimed G Spot Comedy Stage and a host of carnival and samba band activities.

    Tickets for Glasgowbury 2013, priced from just £35, are on sale now from [url=http://www.glasgowbury.com/glasgowbury-music-festival-ticket-info/]www.glasgowbury.com[/url]

    small but MASSIVE!
  21. avatar Glasgowbury
    Please give a huge mountain welcome to these acts joining us up the hill:

    Our Krypton Son
    Ryan Vail
    Susie Blue
    The Clameens
    The Dead Presidents
    The Wonder Villains
    Those Ghosts
  22. avatar Bileofwood

    If there is a Friday line up too, what does that mean about camping? It says you can't even get in until 2PM on the Friday.

    Does the Friday show not start until much later on, or is the Gbury website in need of updating?