1. avatar Bevis

    I am on the look out for a Lead Guitarist for an Well Established Belfast Alt/Rock Band. We Have toured Uk/Ireland with pretty big acts and have some big things planned over the next couple of months.

    Ideal Candidate would be completely serious about making a career out of music as this band requires a lot of time/effort. Must have a decent backline. Must be flexible in working hours as well(being able to get a day off when required). Aged between 18-22. We are continually recording, making music videos and having photo shoots, so this must not be something a candidate can shy away from.

    Influences: Taking Back Sunday, Biffy Clyro, Young Guns etc.

    If you have any questions or queries please feel free to PM me.

  2. avatar crispycream
    My first post!
    hey, interested in this, serious player, serious gear, like the influences..

    could you send more info and some example music, previous work or soundcloud links etc to "crispycream1987@live.co.uk"

  3. avatar thefonz
    What's the name of the band? I know cracking lead player who might be interested
  4. avatar BinaryOperator
    SSssshhhhh, they're a pretty big deal and don't want to attract the wrong type of guitar player...

    srsly tho - why do people post cryptic ads. I'd understand if you were planning some big launch thing but if you already have material out there why miss a chance at promotion...

    Though it is "In Elegance" innit?
  5. avatar crispycream
    still no email, also not 100% if you received the PM
  6. avatar Kit
  7. avatar outshined
    Hate to ask the obvious.....and I am surprised that no one has asked this one yet. It is about the "pretty big acts" you have toured with.

    One thing that is never mentioned in posts like these are the "pretty big bands" you have toured with. Fastfude is full of people saying they have done stuff with bigger bands and worked with so and so and but funnily enough no one ever mentions who with?!

    I mean no offence to you dude but if i did some good touring with" pretty big acts" I would be using it to sell myself. Or it just sounds like a load of bullshit. Like I toured with (insert band name) etc. Remember you are advertising on fastfude so your influence cannot be that wide.

    So being serious who have you toured with?

    Might sound like im being a dick but if you can't shut me up by actually impressing me with a proper"pretty big band" then its just more fastfude BS.

    Also "well established" Well then what is your bands name?! If you are well established we will know you already and be trying to contact you about the vacant position. Again convienient....not mentioning the name of your "well established" band.