1. avatar L8N

    We're a Belfast based band lookin to start giggin.

    Can anyone shoot us some contact details for any promoters in town?

  2. avatar donWon
    If you keep an eye on this always see bands looking support acts. Alternatively you can set up your own gig which is easily done. There are a few bars in and around Belfast that will provide a venue for free with your only cost being a sound man.

    Then you can advertise for support acts, share gear and try and make a few quid to put towards recording.

    [url=http://www.facebook.com/soni.live.1?fref=ts]try these guys on facebook (soni)[/url]

    [url=http://www.facebook.com/ColliderBelfast1?fref=ts]or these guys (collider)[/url]
  3. avatar theblackguard
    Its been a while since I've done one, but if you are looking to set you're own gig up, The Pavillion is a great spot, but as usual a soundman will probably end up taking all the bread which sucks. If you are willing to travel "The Ivy" in Newtownards is a great wee place to do a gig, the manager Marty is a great guy and goes out of his way to support up and coming bands. Other than that as stated above best thing to do is email anyone looking support band.
    Best of luck lads.
  4. avatar COLLIDER
    Howdy, If you could send over a demo or link to your band that'd be great.

    DONWON have we met?
  5. avatar chrisjedijane
    "but as usual a soundman will probably end up taking all the bread which sucks"

    God forbid that someone would actually get PAID for doing some work. If you can't get enough people in to pay the soundman, then you're not doing enough work to promote your show.
  6. avatar donWon
    No not personally but I've been to a few of your shows, and I play in a band called The Sass (Pm'd ya)
  7. avatar L8N

    Thanks for the help!!!
  8. avatar theblackguard
  9. avatar donWon
    tbh from my experience there are a few wing nut sound men out there but thats the same in any profession.

    Its best to do a little research first and that can easily be done on this forum . Once you get someone sorted then its down to plugging it. Rather than spending all sorts of loot on flyers get the artwork done, make an event page through the band fb account then torture people on a daily basis until they give in and go.

    Its also best to make a band page just like a personal page on facebook, looks better and you can actually add people and be added. By being active on it you can also drum up some interest, regular video/music/picture uploads and things like that seem to get peoples attention.

    Also the way we run gigs is get 4 bands to play on the evening that means £20 per band which is 4-5 people each to cover the sound man then anything after that goes in the pocket.
  10. avatar flightstrip
  11. avatar L8N
    hey Collider... PM'd you our soundcloud..

    If anyone else is interested, Its http://soundcloud.com/plague_artists


    workin on proper recordings at the minute!!

    any constructive criticism welcome!!