1. avatar Foxx
    Having a bit of a gear clear out!
    Here's the list of what I'm selling to fund new studio gear.

    Schecter Omen 6, (Guitar)
    Schecter Hellraiser C1-Fr, (Guitar)
    Peavey 6505 4 x 12 cab,
    Esp Ltd F-154dx, (Bass)
    Line 6 spider HD 150, (Guitar amp head)
    Behringer Bass V-Amp, (Bass fx and amp modeling)
    Korg Ax1000g Guitar Multi Effects, (Guitar effects pedal)
    Zoom G1XN Pedal, (Guitar effects pedal)
    Alesis mutimix 8, (Small mixer)
    Yamaha EMX640 Mixer, (Mixer)
    Jbl 500 watt bass bins,
    1 H+H P.a speaker, (100 watts)
    1 warrior P.a speaker, (100 watts)
    C mark Power Amp, (If you wanna know I'll go check the wattage)
    Alesis 3630 rack compressor,
    Alesis M-EQ 230 rack E.Q,


    Most of the prices are on my adverts account but if somethings not there just shoot me a message and we'll work out a price. :)