1. avatar Fergil123
    Hey guys,
    I'm a 19 year old student at Queens University looking to for an Alternative Rock/Rock band! I have 2 years gig/band experience and have all my own gear! Looking for:
    Rhythm Guitarist

    I'm looking to take things pretty seriously and gig at least once or twice a week!
    If you're interested contact me at:
  2. avatar chuwy
    Hey man, what kind of bands would influence you? Any videos or recordings of your playing? :)
  3. avatar Fergil123
    Kings of leon, The Strokes, Fightstar. i'm into a wide rage of stuff if i'm being honest.

    This is my old band EP we did free in like 1 day, sorry if its poor quality :P best i've got
  4. avatar tophat97
    emailed ya