1. avatar Bileofwood
    Ladies, Gentlemen and Boo-Boos, it is with great delight that we announce the beginning of Grizzly Week, a 5 day event based around the Grizzlorian Calendar.

    Every night for the next 5 nights, at 7PM Grizzlytime, a track from our upcoming EP will made available to stream for 24 hours.

    The first song we have for your delectation is the crowd favourite "Fister".

    Click on the link, please do share it amongst your friends, like the FB page ( https://www.facebook.com/biggrizzlyband - if you haven't already) and remember to mosey on back tomorrow for the next track we're giving at your ears.

    Something tells us you'll get the odd reminder.


    Lyrics are on the BC page. You probably don't want to read them. They are nasty.
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  2. avatar donWon
    absolute madness
  3. avatar MiltonG565
    madness indeed. nasty lyrics indeed. INDEED!

    at least it's a step in the right direction, and probably the closest thing to punk that i will ever listen to. well done, Billiam!
  4. avatar 666Arcane
    I just like fists
  5. avatar captain a
    i like that tune. fair play.
  6. avatar Bileofwood
    Well it is good that you like it, as we have MORE!

    Grizzly week is a loooong tiiiiime, rowr.

  7. avatar Bileofwood
    Unsurprisingly, our last track, Drogue, was not as sought after as Fister.

    Well, even so, give this a fucking listen. It's fucking great. If you're into it. Failing that it's either shit, or meh. Actually it could be more of a sliding scale.


    Maybe you could let us know. Enough of you attention whores plaster your half baked acoustic shite over these pages. TRY LISTENING TO A REAL FUCKING BAND ! </irony>
  8. avatar goatboy
    I've been really impressed so far. Wasn't so keen on Day 2, but the other two tracks are top quality!

    Good work Bill & co!
  9. avatar Bileofwood
    Cheers gb. Yesterday was a wild card. Tomorrow is a hands down fuckfest.
  10. avatar 666Arcane
    Word has it, Sundays offering involves guest vocals from an operatic bawlbeg, is this true?
  11. avatar Bileofwood
    Factually speaking yes. Phallatically speaking no.
  12. avatar Rubbersoul
    Lovin the tunes boys.
  13. avatar Bileofwood
    Why thank you!

    Have another one:

  14. avatar Bileofwood
    OK, we're done.

    For the next day or two we're going to make the whole thing available. There are two tracks on here which we hadn't made available before now, 1 + 6.

    Hopefully you'll like what you hear.

    Thanks for listening.

  15. avatar MiltonG565
    it passes the Milty test! (not that the milty test is anything that anybody aspires to pass). I especially liked get loud. keep er lit b'jaysus lads!