1. avatar attitude
    I'm in a 2 piece and were looking to record some of our songs in the next month or so. Ive recorded in a studio with my previous band but I found their service unfortunately a little sloppy and the end results were very one dimensional.

    Does anyone have any good studio suggestions, decent prices etc and location, probably gonna go for like a 6 track ep to start with.

    Cheers all
  2. avatar MiltonG565
    I've heard good things about einstein studios near antrim. i can't personally vouch for them, but bileofwood has just finished recording there. give him a shout :)
  3. avatar adambrown123
    Out of interest, how much did you pay per track for the previous studio?
  4. avatar attitude
    cheers lads, yeh i know of einstein studios, its on the list lol.

    Cant mind an exact price per track man unfortunately, it was paid between the guys in the band at the time and was almost a year ago now.
  5. avatar donWon
    Manor park studios is the dogs clams, the guy Neal who runs the place knows what he is doing.

    Its a great studio and well worth the coin we just recorded in it last week
  6. avatar flightstrip
    big frankie charges by the day.200 quid a day which is very reasonable considering his experience and top quality gear.i also know of another small studio where u can get very good results espec if its just vocals and acoustics etc.100 quid a day.
    (when i had my studio i learnt a long time ago NOT to charge per track as people would take the piss and drag it out.once took 2 weeks to record a single track!!
    einstein-0289446 2701
    or drop me a text for other glengormley based studio 07894 645 881--andy
  7. avatar attitude
    Cheers guys i'll look into both, yeh it will be mainly vocals, acoustics and then the other guy uses an electric from time to time. Obviously we would want to get a good price but the end result is what we are really looking for so price would come second.

    Shall be in touch thanks
  8. avatar ThePenguin
    Declan Legge at BigSpaceStudios.


    Highly recommended.
  9. avatar Turais
    I'll second the Penguin on Declan @ Big Space
  10. avatar Declan
    Thanks guys.. Here's the studio website [url=http://www.bigspacestudios.co.uk]www.bigspacestudios.co.uk[/url] for examples of my work.
  11. avatar neilzomg
  12. avatar theblackguard
    Resonate studio Newtownabbey, Russells place in the valley business centre, keen prices and top man. Email, call or just call in for prices etc. Makes a mean cuppa too.
  13. avatar outlandstudios
    I'm still running a £100 per day offer.

    For equipment, audio demos and photos please visit the Facebook page or website.

    [url=http://www.facebook.com/outlandstudios]Outland Studios Facebook Page[/url]

    Also, here is some of the last few E.P's to be recorded here at Outland Studios.
    [url=http://youtu.be/Niab9H2w4Ec]Bronagh Broderick Official Music Video[/url]

    If interested, feel free to get in touch. Thanks.
  14. avatar simonoun
    I would highly recommend Dave or Phil over at Graham house studios.


    Good rates, good gear, and both Dave and Phil are very patient and very helpful.

    The results my band got were top notch!
  15. avatar EWCraig
    Aye I can vouch for Einstein after using them a couple of times. Excellent studio and Frankies the biggest legend alive today!