1. avatar Nature*Boy
  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    My absolute favourite thing about that article is the famous NY Times syle guide insisting on bands being given the singular, neuter pronoun. "Snow Patrol began the the last leg of [b:e5c766348a]its[/b:e5c766348a] world tour..."
  3. avatar MiltonG565
    read this a little while ago. it isn't truly representative of our local music scene, as i see it.
  4. avatar dolphinbastard
    up the scene
  5. avatar JoePineapples
    First interesting thing on Fastfude for ages
  6. avatar Recycled Alien
    What's "representative"? You name every band?
  7. avatar MiltonG565
    recycled alien- stop stirring. you know what i mean. half the gigs local bands play have very few people come to them.
  8. avatar The Donk
    Yeah, but that doesn't mean that they suck. As much as I detest G.Lightbody I too believe theres shitloads of talent here.
  9. avatar MiltonG565
    no no, i didn't mean to imply that those bands are bad, quite the opposite in fact. I had made the point on facebook that many of the local bands that regularly get an insulting amount of people showing up at their gigs could wipe the eye of gary lightbody any day.
  10. avatar whipchorus
    Didn't mention the decline of discourse on Fastfude, I see.