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    Hows it going guys,

    I'm 20 and living in Belfast (beside queens) I've been singing, playing guitar and writing music for about 5 years now, fronted a band for a good while but been playing by myself just for the past year or so.

    I'm hoping maybe to start off as a duo acuosticly, jam a bit, write a few songs get playing in a few pubs and then hopefully add a few members.

    I listen to all kinds of music so I would be here all day listing my influences but just listing a few would be Kooks, Libertines and Strokes.

    If theres anybody out there who would be up for a Jam sometime give me a shout. Ideally, someone who is a good guitarist and can sing a bit but i'm up for trying different things.

    Havent got much recorded but if you type in my name "Micheal McAlinden" into youtube you will see a few cringe videos from a while back but excuse the poor quality.

    Anyway, you can contact me at:

    Thanks :D
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