1. avatar The Old New
    Alright guys and gals, myself and two others have started up a new band based in Belfast but we're lacking a vital component. A bass player! Due to other commitments our old bassist sadly had to leave which has left us a bit stuck.

    We've been jamming at Blackstaff and everythings going well so far. Age range at the minute is 23/24. IF you're interested I've got a few recordings and stuff that I can fire you to see if it's your kinda thing. Main influence would be Gaslight Anthem to anyone who's listened to those guys, just to give you an idea of the music.

    So yeah, if you think this sounds like the thing for you just leave a comment of fire me a pm!

    Cheers, Chris
  2. avatar roryb
    [size=100][/size] Hi im 24 from ormeau im a guy and play bass. txt me 07516467254