1. avatar Gogs
  2. avatar Nature*Boy
    [quote:8967004ee0]Beans on Toast doesn't take himself too seriously[/quote:8967004ee0]

    No way! I totally wouldn't have got that.

    Looks like [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLMQEMbP75I]great craic[/url].
  3. avatar donWon
    6 squid????? this is a steal..... I watched him support frank turner a few years back plus I heard his latest shizzle in a house party in liverpool recently! absolute bargain ppl
  4. avatar thesneakybandit
    Six quid is an absolute bargain. We could and should charge you all more but all we want to do is share some good music with good people on a Sunday night.

    Come on down for singalongs and pints!
  5. avatar Gogs
    Here's some relevant links which I may or may not have forgotten to put in the original post..

  6. avatar Gogs
    One more sleep to go!

    If you thought £6 was a steal, why not pick up an advance ticket for a fiver?!

  7. avatar Gogs