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    We're an originals rock band (aged early to mid twenties) based in Belfast and have recently had a bit of trouble with bass guitar. We've got a fair few originals in the works and just need some big, beefy grooves to fill 'er out a bit and we should be tightening things up and getting ready for gigging in the next couple of months.

    We practice Sundays mostly in Belfast. We currently have a Singer, Guitarist and Drummer. It's bluesy at times, it's a little bit countrified, it can get a little jazzy, but it all boils down to rock - I think. Nothing super technical or really demanding but tasty enough for a real solid bassist to have some fun. Ideally we're looking someone with decent experience, good ability, giggable gear, in their twenties and with an open-mind to creating original material.

    If you're interested please reply or pm me with your contact details, playing experiences and musical influences. Ideally link us to a demo showing your skills which we'll prioritise.

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    Male bass belfast