1. avatar mr57
    Looking for a vocalist and bassist or preferably someone who can tackle both.

    Original band guitarist and drummer in the process of writing music and lyrics. Have a lot of material already but are hoping to enhance it with some better vocals.

    So if you play bass, sing, do both are male or female, get in touch if you'd like to get involved. I can send some recordings through.
  2. avatar Callum Scott
    Send me a recording man, interested in hearing it!
  3. avatar mr57
    Will do.

    Can you PM me your email address, I don't have them uploaded anywhere to forward you a link.
  4. avatar rachelc742
    If you haven't found anyone yet d love to hear some recordings (:
  5. avatar Von Rojas
    I am interested in hearing a demo. I play bass and mess with vocals but I can not do both at once.