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    My first post!
    Cloud 9 Studios Banbridge are hosting a Live Lounge presented by Conor Stringer. Send some links through this and we'll get back to you asap. So far we've been blown away by some very talented folk and flamenco musicians, and awesome dancers, and we have some of the countries best lined up for the next few shows.
    There are 8 more spaces free over the coming weeks so the most deserving will get their work heard.
    Each band will play 3 songs, preferably at least one acoustic track, then sit for a short interview to be filmed and recorded in the studio. We hope to hear from you soon. Cheers
  2. avatar EchoR
    sounds great Echo Raptors would be really interested in this!
  3. avatar EchoR
  4. avatar Clements
  5. avatar donWon
    The Sass would be interested in this


    [url=http://youtu.be/mMaIgdsevXo]Check out our latest recording[/url]
  6. avatar alastair14
    I would like to take advantage of your generous offer by drinking all your coffee if you decide to invite [url=http://www.facebook.com/papermanUK]Paper Man[/url]


    (Freudian Slip Pt II - Our only demo, very roughly recorded in the back room of a prehistoric walrus hideout)
  7. avatar paudistonemason

    Check us out we would be very interested :)
  8. avatar musicplusfire
    I'd be well interested in this... Videos and links...
  9. avatar Enkalon2
    Earls of Enkalon are down.

    Here's our latest:

  10. avatar archie666
    I'm the lead Singer and Guitarist in a Local Limavady band called Like A Hawk. This sounds like it could really help us get our name out there and we'd really appreciate the opportunity!

    We have 2 demos up on soundcloud and should have no problems playing an acoustic track :)



  11. avatar EWCraig
    Black Sonnet would be interested.

    Everything you need to know is on http://black-sonnet.com

    Facebook, tunes, bios etc.