1. avatar kevinmullan
    derry guitarist willing to collabrate with ANYONE wanting to play abitta music and/or make a bitta money in DERRY
  2. avatar MiltonG565
    i don't live in belfast.... but i still live further away from derry.
  3. avatar Elliot
    I used to feel the same way, but then I just moved to Belfast.
  4. avatar MiltonG565
    ahh elliot, dude, you are just making things worse! :P nah, i can see why a musician would move to belfast, although i think it would be more beneficial to move somewhere like england.
  5. avatar JoePineapples
    Try living in Ballymoney & finding jamming partners, that'll tighten ye
  6. avatar whipchorus
    Belfast has a population of under 280,000 in a province of 1.8 million

    So the original bit is incorrect.
  7. avatar kevinmullan
  8. avatar TheUnforgiven
    PM me
  9. avatar Johnny_Thrash
    My first post!
    Derry based rhythm guitarist/bassist looking to start metal/rock band.
  10. avatar kevinmullan
    well I prefer more old school 60s/70s stuff but fuck it you live in derry thats good enough for me lets form a band
  11. avatar EWCraig
    GO KEV GO!
  12. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    I live in derry.

    I play music.

    I play in a band.

    We are called the wood burning savages.

    There are other people in derry.

    Who play music.

    Who don't have a band yet.
  13. avatar Fuzz89
    Drop an ad into local bars, LinkMusic, Nerve Centre?
    Good luck Kevin.