1. avatar Sinbad75
    My first post!
    I am an experienced female, belfast based, singer and avid songwriter. I have compiled a vast number of original songs on the piano over the years and would like to take this one step further.

    I am 37, and am looking for similarly experienced musicians who are keen to perform live and potentially record.

    To have a listen to some awful recordings (on my phone!), click below ( if I had to recommend one, I would say have a listen to "Everytime" ):


    If you are interested, please either private message me or post to this topic.


  2. avatar skynyrd66
    Great voice and tunes! you'l do well, hope you get somthing going! :)
  3. avatar montanayaz
    hey call on 07754855227 or get in touch through the facebook...


    cheers sinead
  4. avatar 666Arcane
    Why did I give up drums, these songs are wee gems with a full band behind you this could work an absolute cracker.
  5. avatar Callum Scott
    Hey I'm a singer too and am interested in different projects to work with different people atm to maybe record some material etc. Mail me if you'd be interested! Callum