1. avatar mjsb1
    Hey all,

    im based in based in belfast, i study music and im looking to form a band or bands, i have a pretty wide genre and instrument scope.

    I am a singer, i am a guitarist, i am a pianist, i am a drummer and i am also a composer.

    I firstly would like to start a recording project with another guitarist and singer, maybe a drummer too, for a melodic metal style genre (if you know of periphery definitely get in touch, thats the route im going down)

    Another project i would be up for is a more popular based band mainly for gigging, dont really want to assign a genre, up for anything really, more rock inclined.

    Lastly i am also a solo artist and would love some form of backing band to start a serious project for both gigging and recording, its more acoustic/blues based. So id be looking for a drummer, bassist and guitarist for that possibly.

    Thanks for checking out my ad and do get in touch if anything sounds like your sort of thing. I am looking for fairly serious musicians who are skilled at what they do, not bedroom players or people that just like jamming but not moving forward from a practice room.


  2. avatar MiltonG565
    hey michael, i'm a bassist and play some guitar too. i always wanted to start a recording project like john frusciante and josh klinghoffer did, although not necessarily in that style. I could add some backing vocals too if needs be. PM me and we can talk a bit more :)
  3. avatar McMullan
    pm me man, you sound very similar to myself
  4. avatar McMullan
    pm me man, you sound very similar to myself
  5. avatar A_R_Y_Z
    hey dude my band is looking a singer, we have three demo's on are face book check em out and let me know if you would be interested.


  6. avatar trickp.a.
    i have no idea how to PM people on this forum so im not even gonna waste my time.
    Periphery are class! listened to tesseract yet?

    hit me up at patrick.okane@live.co.uk

  7. avatar Denis Smyth
    I also have no idea how to PM my band is looking a second guitaris/ singer give me a shout if ya are interested

  8. avatar Branko
    Looking for all types of musicians for recording and gigging for a solo rap artist. Particularly interested in stringed/ brass/ percussion musicians. Please get in touch for more details.