1. avatar Jonjobongo
    Auditioning for proficient front person for new coleraine based band, practice at the stables studio. If you are, or know someone who would like to put themselves forward give me a wee message or comment here. Outfit is myself on drums and Mike (guitar) and AJ (bass), former tommy shots members, very experienced and motivated! Mike has tonnes of new material and already we have 6 original songs almost complete in their instrumental forms after not too many weeks of rehearsal.

    The music ranges from some heavy stuff to pop/rock anthem style tunes. Some comparisons have been made to Biffy Clyro, Queens of stoneage, with a few tool-esque grooves in there and a small sprinkling (small) of post rock. it's upbeat, spirit lifting, pumping music... :)

    don't be shy! age 17-30 i guess... aint too worried though in or around. it's the music that counts.

    male or female
  2. avatar Jonjobongo
    bumpidy bump

    got a few unlisted youtube vids of rough works in progress if anyone is interested