1. avatar Denis Smyth

    This is like my third post is there anyone out there that sings and plays guitar that would be interested in joining a band. We are a Belfast based three peice band we've just started after being in bands which didn't work out. We are looking for a dedicated talented lighthearted guitarist/singer who is front man material but doesnt take themselves to seriously must be dedicated and available to rehearse at least once a week minimum, also writting skills a must. As we have no recording equipment available we have only got a video of rehearsals if anyone is interested give me a PM. The only thing I could describe us as would be alt indie with a deftones element in there anyone with a chino Marino type voice is a bonus.

    Also any feed back on way I contiuously get no replys to my adds is much appreciated too

  2. avatar MiltonG565
    because people are cunts.

    well naw, i assume people don't want to waste a precious comment for something they have no interest in.
  3. avatar chuwy
    PM'd you!
  4. avatar Denis Smyth
    Lol I'll go for the cunts lol

    Na it's just frustrating I was thinking maby we are just shite lol
  5. avatar MiltonG565
    i know man, i have posted many a thing with not a single reply to it. alot of people on here are very cynical, But don't despair, i'm sure nearly everyone who uses this site regularly will see your ad sooner or later.
  6. avatar Denis Smyth
    Suppose just have to keep pluggin we want to get someone ASAP cause we're still workin on our sound so we don't wanna get a set sound then start lookin cause then the chances if gettin some is slim plus havin to stop giggin for em to learn and tweak songs is a hassle
  7. avatar chuwy
    Well I've replied to you both so stop yer yappin :P
  8. avatar MiltonG565
    when did you reply to me chuwy?
  9. avatar Denis Smyth
    We're not yappin at all dude just havin a convo I emailed ya btw honestly am not havin a go don't let it colour your opinion
  10. avatar chuwy
    We had a pm convo about a month ago Milton, Denis I was just joking :)
  11. avatar Denis Smyth
    Cool cool
  12. avatar MiltonG565
    ah yeah, i remembered that, i thought you meant recently :P
  13. avatar Denis Smyth
    Ok so I recorded three of our songs on a simple four track I downloaded on my iPad if anyone wants a listen to see what we are rockin give me a shout and I'll email ya
  14. avatar aquatramp
    i pmd ya man!
  15. avatar Callum Scott
    You guys seem good from your video, I'm looking to join a band after my old one broke up over the summer. Im a singer and take practicing etc seriously which is why my old project didn't work out with people that didn't take it as seriously haha. How flexible are you on finding a new sound?
  16. avatar Denis Smyth
    Aaahhhh flexible enough callum we are only just formed that was our fourth rehearsal we are kind of an open book ATM to be honest we are all pretty open guys so we do like to change it up every so often we don't wanna kinda stray far from where we are ATM because we are new and we writting well ATM the type of music we are doin we all agree on and all like so far but we all ways change it about and are up for experimentation do you play guitar?
  17. avatar Denis Smyth
  18. avatar Denis Smyth
  19. avatar Schnoozle91
    hi, im a singer and guitarist. i'll pm you my facebook. my influences are stuff like nirvana, the smiths and radiohead. cheers
  20. avatar Schnoozle91
    it wont let me pm, so heres a link http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=751134632
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