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    My Peavey Classic 30 is a real nice amp and then some. The stock 12 inch speaker has been replaced with a 12 inch 70th anniversary Celestion G12H30 which gives a much deeper low end and weight of sound. The speaker was fitted by Bairds technician Bill Armstrong. A product I sourced from the USA called Toms Tube Tamer is also installed, because the Classic 30 uses el84 valves and is a mighty loud amp, without a tube tamer the power tubes get shaken . Its the nature of ALL peavey classic 30 combos, but the tube tamer holds the power tubes as steady as a rock and as a result there is no vibration , regardless of volume.

    The classic 30 is a 2 channel combo and I have the peavey footswitch. It also has an fx loop for those who want to use time based fx pedals properly. Ive owned it from brand spanking new , I never used it live when I played out and its been strictly used for home playing only. Its as clean as you will find and it is a loud amp. My wife is laying down the law that I get a lower wattage combo for home use as she can hear me ripping through it whilst she watches tv.

    Ideally , if some body had a Blackstar HT5 which has been well taken care of and was up for a direct swap for a much more powerful amp,then id be all for it. If anybody has one of these amps or a similarly low powered tube combo with an fx loop please post some details or send me a private message including phone number andmaybe ill get some peace from my missus.
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    Im away on a cycling club run on sunday morning , so ill discuss this with you after teatime . My classic 30 is the black one ,not the tan one as I always thought those looked naff. Ill give you a bell sunday evening.