1. avatar sxe-Chris
    Belfat based experianced bassist and Guitar player with material already written looking for serious musicians to get something going.
    Would prefere a Male vocalist! but are not against working with female players.
    Aiming for Gigs and a possibility of recording in the future.
    Already have around 10 songs in different genre catigories ready to go.

    influences include Protest The Hero, Alexisonfire, Avenged Sevenfold, A day to remember and a whole mish mash of other stuff.

    If youd be interested in getting a jam going just drop me a PM or E-mail

    (P.S please try to ignore the terrible spelling and grammer :) )
  2. avatar MiltonG565
    Grammar*..... awkward :/

    I'm just kidding :P good luck with the search! i know a drummer who pretty much plays exactly what you have listed there, but i doubt he would travel to belfast.
  3. avatar sxe-Chris
    thanks man :)
    and of course I had to misspell that XD
  4. avatar NoGreatLoss
    I'm dope on the mic YO....I mean possible vocalist here... You able to send any tracks for a listen?
  5. avatar sxe-Chris
    Hey man thanks for the interest. We havent got anything recorded properly besides a few mp3's for back and forth development we have a few Midi files from Guitar pro that could be converted thought.
    If you have any youtube covers or anything please link or PM :)