1. avatar JO'Connor
    Hi folks, just wondering when you're sitting in a bar (well I say bar recently i've seen this happening in The Parlour, Ollies etc) and you see some fella or girl playing and singing with an acoustic guitar, how exactly do you get into doing that? I've been busking for years and to be honest I reckon i'd do pretty well at this kind of thing, would be a handy wee earner and a bit of craic as well! If anyone can point me in the right direction it'd be hugely appreciated :)

  2. avatar MiltonG565
    i would say it's all about selling yourself probably. a mate of mine plays in bars very regularly, and he said to me that he takes all his bookings at the start of the year. some of his gigs are very regular, and some are just the odd night here and there throughout the year with other pubs. but, saying that, he has been doing this for a long time, and has a good portfolio of contacts built up and they all know how he operates, breaking into the market could be difficult enough. I wouldn't suggest a free gig to get your foot in the door, because i think alot of landlords would agree to it, then you would find out that they never had any intention of booking you, and they have got a free nights entertainment out of it. But you should ring around, and have confidence in yourself and what you are saying. Know what you are doing, and have all your information ready, ie. PA, how long you will play for, ballpark cost, when you are available. You will probably need to agree on prices with the landlord, so have a price in mind, but allow some flexibility with it.

    it isn't something i have done, but i have thought about it before, and there is also some information i picked up from my mate who does this for a living in there. i think it's a good guide on how to start gigging in pubs, although someone with experience might want to chime in, and point out where i have gone wrong (because i probably have somewhere).

    Good luck with it anyway mate :)
  3. avatar flightstrip
    m8 its wee buns.wot u waiting for.all u need is a wee pa system and theres loadsa venues lookin for acoustic 2 pieces or soloists.ya gotta do yer research to get into appropriate venues but i know for a fact that mcbrides in comber,dirty duck in holywood are always looking acts.keep er lit!
  4. avatar Nature*Boy
    [quote:b940ac443a]wee buns[/quote:b940ac443a]


    I like wee buns. The food [i:b940ac443a]and[/i:b940ac443a] the saying.

    Eh, yeah. What he said.
  5. avatar MiltonG565
    love that you got that picture probably by typing in "wee buns" into google images :D
  6. avatar JoePineapples
    It is easy mate, all you do is walk into the bar, find out who handles the entertainment, arrange a meet & haggle a price - ask what everybody else gets but be prepared to take a little less than the more popular acts who bring a crowd. Good luck.
  7. avatar flightstrip
  8. avatar die the flu
    Make sure you set up right beside where I'm having a pint, play really loudly so no-one can chat and get the classic pub acoustic treble-heavy horrible jangly sound on your guitar going.

    As far as I can tell these seem to be essential requirements!
  9. avatar JO'Connor
    Thanks for the responses folks! Only thing holding me back would be the lack of PA but i'd imagine places have this themselves in some cases. die the flu, this is another reason i'm wanting to do this, there's a sever lack of decent guitar tone going about that needs remedied haha
  10. avatar flightstrip
    give me a shout when ur ready to go and im sure ive a few spare pa's lyin about i could either rent u very reasonably or sell u .u dont need anything too fancy as its only vocals and acoustic guitars goin thru it.

    andy 07894 645 881 (o2)