1. avatar Elliot
    We are Northern Irelands only Horror Punk band, and we need you!
    We like to dress up in stupid costumes and play cheesy punk rock about vampires, skeletons and werewolves.

    If you like the sound of that, and if you are the type of person who lost all shame years ago then please give us a shout.

    Influences include-
    -Frankenstein Drag Queens / Wednesday 13
    -Zombina and the Skeltones
    -Mister Monster

    -at least 18 years of age
    -from around the Belfast area (we practice in the city centre)
    -must not be opposed to ridiculous amounts of make-up and fake blood
    -sense of humour a must, but also hard working and committed

    You can find our tunes for free on Spotify or littlemissstakes.bandcamp.com

    We are currently looking for a replacement drummer and guitarist, who are both very recent departures. We currently only have a bassist and a singer/keytarist.
    We have gigs booked in Belfast, and we have gigs waiting for us in Glasgow + Newry.

    If you are interested-
    Email littlemissstakes@live.co.uk
    Contact us on www.facebook.com/lmsboo
    Or PM me directly.
  2. avatar Elliot
    I will bump this until the heat death of the universe.