1. avatar Geordie_Da
    Just heard that Dawsons Music is opening up at the end of the month in old Marcus Music building:


    Looking forward to a browse, and nice to see another shop opening in these days where it seems to happen the other way around all too often.

  2. avatar Chuffola
    Great. Hope that its better stocked than the Bangor store which has almost emptied over recent months. Maybe they're moving?
  3. avatar flightstrip
    great news!though havent seen any ads for the supposed 7 new jobs being created.wonder if its a simple transfer from bangor.good news anyhow
  4. avatar MiltonG565
    there's a new music shop in magherafelt, only opened last month.
  5. avatar Rubbersoul
    I hope they're not leaving Bangor, they're the only decent music shop we have. A bit pricey though.
  6. avatar Chuffola
    Article suggests that this is a second NI store, so hopefully they'll stay in Bangor too. But they really do need to get the stock levels back up. Used to be crammed with guitars and amps. Now, it's not.

    Handy for strings and things though.
  7. avatar Rubbersoul
    It's good for a browse and the good thing is they're willing to haggle. Wish they'd get some Schecter guitars and basses in. Not enough brand variety in general and they should put more events on like the English stores.
  8. avatar flightstrip
  9. avatar tinpot anto
    That's a pity, i was hoping that it would be useful because they do free instore delivery for online purchases, so you don't get the enormous NI courier markup, or the pain in the hole of the dreaded "you need to pay us an extra £20" email 3-4 days after you make the purchase.
  10. avatar Adam MD
    I hate that email when it arrives. I bought an exersize bike for the missus a few weeks ago and after a week and a half sent an email
    Asking when we could expect delivery. 3 days after I sent that they finally responded saying we had to pay an extra £65 for delivery. Then when we tried to cancel they tried to charge us a 20% restocking fee even though they admitted in another reply that it hasn't actually left their warehouse. All in it took about 6 weeks to finally sort it. I wish websites would properly state NI delivery charges.

    Back on topic though I always found Dawsons to be helpful but a bit too expensive considering prices elsewhere. Matchetts have price matched 3 different guitars for me in the last year. They're not the best store to demo gear in but usually very easy to deal with
  11. avatar Rubbersoul
    They've haggled with me before on guitars and amps. Maybe not with the cheapest online prices cos of overheads and delivery charges and such but we've always reached a middle ground.
  12. avatar collin
    My first post!
    That's good news. Anyway, there is another guitar shop in Bangor just around the corner from Dawsons. They don't have as a big choice in new guitars but they have some great vintage and secondhand guitars. Strings are cheaper too. As far as I know they do also repairs and lessons, the usual sort of things. Looking forward to dropping into the new shop in Belfast, you can never have to many music shops!
  13. avatar 666Arcane
    Amazing drum selection