1. avatar Fuzz89
    Left Handed/Right Handed/Basses/Baritones/Guitarlins.
    All considered.
  2. avatar wannaberocker147
    You any lefty strats for trade fuzz ?
  3. avatar Fuzz89
    I don't man, I've got a bits and bobs Strat made of a white body, MIM neck with some GFS pickups but it's been through the wars and is in dire need of a setup. If I'm ever passing it on I'll drop you a line. Any Danelectros? :P
  4. avatar wannaberocker147
    No mate. mosfet 100 reverb combo.
  5. avatar wannaberocker147
    I use a vintage v100. beautiful guitar
  6. avatar Fuzz89
    Ah cool cool, yeah they're great.
    Just after a Dano specifically, sorted for amps.
    Cheers though!
  7. avatar wannaberocker147
    Lol wasn't for trade. no sweat on the amp. really lookin vintage brand guitars only. love em. but thought id ask anyway goodluck on the Dan
  8. avatar Fuzz89
    Aye! Trev Wilkinson's a genius, Vintage are some bang for the bucks.
  9. avatar MalSass
    Got a Dano 59 in mint green. Beautiful guitar, perfect condition. Open to offers.
  10. avatar Fuzz89
    PM'd malsass.
  11. avatar Fuzz89
  12. avatar Fuzz89
    Cautious bump.
  13. avatar true_voice_vocal_coaching
    My first post!
    I've got a right-handed Longhorn bass in salmon pink, recently set up and refurbished. PM me if you're interested
  14. avatar Fuzz89
  15. avatar Fuzz89