1. avatar wampwamp
    Hey so some of you may recall I had a no name Strat copy for sale on here a few months back. The Strat was bought in the Music Emporium c. 2007 and was reputed to be from the Tokai factory, or that's what they told me at the time anyway. Well I decided to fix it up with new pick ups, pots, switch and wiring and it now sounds A LOT better, unsurprisingly. The new pick ups are Tonerider Surfari and sound really good and the new switch is fender. Also replaced one of the original saddles which was broken. Anyway, I'm now reluctantly putting this guitar up for sale again as I have my eye on something more suited to my style and need the money. Here's an old picture (pre new set up), also just FYI the guitar has a few scuffs and scratches to the body, mostly on the back and bottom but nothing too obvious. Also for sale one Vox VT15 amp, see comments below for details, pics on request.

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  2. avatar wannaberocker147
    Interested in a Korean made tweed reverb Watson amp and a Marshall mg15cdr with added piping for the strat ? Can send you a sound sample. the Watson is impossible to find
  3. avatar wampwamp
    Thanks for the offer but really just looking to sell right now.
  4. avatar wampwamp
    Also for sale VOX VT15 amp, a great little practice amp in perfect working order. Will take £80 for it or £200 for guitar and amp all in!
  5. avatar Clements
    Hey, I have a student looking to buy his first electric. I spoke to him today about it, but he's got to talk to his parents. Where are you based?
  6. avatar wampwamp
    Hey sorry for the delayed response, I'm in belfast. It would be decent for learning on.