1. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
  2. avatar sloppyjoe
    Funny you should post this just now. I was thinking only the other day what a fine thing it would be to own a baritone telecaster.
  3. avatar Fuzz89
    And I too was admiring a Danelectro baritone. good luck.
  4. avatar Nature*Boy
    The world needs more baritone guitars.


    Good luck with the search.
  5. avatar continuousbattle

    Likely a step too far but I do own one of these and it is surplus to requirements - http://www.gretschguitars.com/products/index.php?partno=2515901516

    Also have the new Tele baritone, which is a beast.

  6. avatar sloppyjoe
    That Gretsch looks like a right beast and all. Tremolo on a baritone must get you some pretty wicked sounds!

    I could be tempted by a conversion neck myself, to preserve the good ole tele bridge pup:


  7. avatar continuousbattle
    The conversion had been my plan for quite a time, then I went mental and bought the Gretsch.

    A week later Fender announced the Tele Bari and my fate was sealed.

    Just don't use the Gretsch since getting the Tele.
  8. avatar iain
    I love my ELC baritone. Not that that helps you, just thought I'd mention it.
  9. avatar Fuzz89
    I think I need one. Or five.
  10. avatar MiltonG565
    if you ever need to hear a fender bass IV, John frusciante uses one on almost all of his solo albums. and josh klinghoffer also uses one for happiness loves company off the recent "I'm With You" album by RHCP. love the sound of it, very meaty :)
  11. avatar Fuzz89
    Indeed Milton! I'm on a musical diet of Duane Eddy, some seriously nice twang going on.