1. avatar pstar
    Looking to start a band. I'm a female singer/songwriter who plays bit of guitar. Looking for any instrumentalists to jam with & maybe when enough members, start gigs etc.

    I have too many music influences to mention. But looking for a grungy, psychedelic, experimental, art rock, sound. Not really any type of genre, a mixture, rather just create music from different emotions, feelings & experiences & make our own sound. Hopefully find like-minded people to connect with musically, go with the flow & create with.

    Male/female welcome.

    If interested leave me a message or pm me.
  2. avatar MiltonG565
    where are you based?
  3. avatar pbm09
  4. avatar asloan
    sent you a pm
  5. avatar kevinmullan
    Im a guitarist from derry.interested
  6. avatar mr57
  7. avatar pstar
    Outside Belfast
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  8. avatar MiltonG565
    BOOM! Pstar, i'm based in toomebridge. ballymena is a mere hop skip and jump away for me :)