1. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    The new double a-side single 'Sixes/Three Suns' from Comply Or Die is available to download from their band camp page as of today for a mere 99p. There is a very limited number of CD's that include special packaging and are individually hand numbered.

  2. avatar Bileofwood
    Vocals! So many vocals!

    Good stuff.
  3. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    Thanks Bill. Yeah something a bit different actually having vocals on the verse AND chorus.
  4. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    We are on Facebook and Twitter


  5. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson

    Check out the new review for our new double a-side single 'Sixes/Three Suns'

    Download: http://complyordie.bandcamp.com