1. avatar jifubuki
    Hey there everyone,

    A project of mine, Jifubuki, is looking for a new bassist and possibly any other instrumentalist -basically - it has to be the right person.

    Jifubuki is an instrumental prog rock style outfit, with the emphasis on tight musicianship and the ability to improvise around a theme. We set up in 2010 and had a few gigs in 2011, but were forced to take a hiatus... now, we're looking to develop, evolve and get back into it.

    We have a rehearsal room in Belfast, and practice will be once, but probably twice a week, at night.

    You'll be joining me (Will Hawkins, guitar) and Kris McReynolds (drums), and you need to be flexible, available for practice and gigs, preferably with your own car and also have a professional approach to music.

    Our influences would include King Crimson, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Focus - and you can hear some of our previous work here... http://www.reverbnation.com/jifubuki

    We need someone who can work with us, play, listen and understand the vibe, and be enthusiastic about being part of it.

    Money and glory would be nice - but much more important is the ability to play and to create.

    You'll need to come and jam/audition with us, to see if it works.

    Please send me an email with your experience, and preferably a sample of your tunes/previous work, to info at jifubuki dot com

    Will Hawkins