1. avatar Jonjobongo
    Hey all, My brother and I are both 22 years old drummer & guitarist, We have a varied music taste ranging from pop stuff to the likes of Tool & Coheed & Cambria. Have been experimenting with some odd time sig grooves when they're needed. :) Have got some songs in the process of writing just between us but would like to add some members to the fray.

    We are based in coleraine so if yer around or near here, coolio.

    We really would like a singer who actually can sing and have some presence about them... hard thing to get nowadays however which seems to be a problem. Even better if ya can sing and play bass at the same time for a 3 piece, but never worry if ya can't. 4 piece would be fine. Cheers!

    Bit of background on myself. I am ex drummer of limavady band dying breed, just playing over 4 years but I have put a lot of work in to get to a good level of skill. My brother is the most motivated guitarist I know and practices daily.

    Here's me playing live with my old band, I had been playing for 3 years at this point:


  2. avatar pstar
    I'm a female singer/songwriter who plays bit of guitar been looking for any instrumentalists to jam with & maybe when enough members, start gigs etc. My boyfriend also plays bass, mandolin, guitar, banjo. I live outside ballymoney. I have too many music influences to mention. But looking for a grungy, psychedelic, spacey, experimental, art rock, sound. Not really any type of genre, a mixture, rather just create music from different emotions, feelings & experiences & make our own sound. Something different.