1. avatar Garzo
    We're looking for a bassist/backing vocalist to finish a line up for a tribute Pixies band. The idea would be to do original stuff as well down the line, but just do a few tribute gigs etc to make pennies (hopefully) and get some experience playing together. We're all pretty experienced and have own gear, transport and rehearsal space sorted in Belfast(near Lavery's, so pints could well be on after practices haha). All in our mid-late 20's and based in Belfast. If you're interested gimme a message and we can exchange emails or numbers or whatever.

    Oh and female would be preferable since none of us are and a lot of songs require female vocals. Not essential, but preferable.

    Thanks for looking.
  2. avatar thecomeons_2
    i remember getting a 7" free with sounds in 86 or 87. it had two pixies tracks on it. not sure if come on pilgrim had been released at the time or not, but the two tracks weren't on it. i was so blown away. there was a picture of the band on the 7" too (actually it was on the sleeve, but you get the point).

    getting back to your "female would be preferable since none of us are and a lot of songs require female vocals". i thought for ages that the lead vocalist in the band was a woman. it was the way that black screamed those tracks.

    the scream certainly changed my fucking life. most of my other records started to gather dust after that.

    sorry about going off topic. best of luck with the band.
  3. avatar 5Lighters
    Was that the Sounds EP with Down To The Well and Rock A My Soul on it? That was great, have it in a box somewhere. Yeah, good luck with the band, I play bass but the fact that I bought the original Pixies stuff on vinyl (and seen them in the Ulster Hall in '89) means i'm nearly twice as old. And I would look disturbing as oul feck dressed as Kim Deal. :O
  4. avatar thecomeons_2
    my reasons for not applying for the position are the same as yours 5lighters. i danced that much and hard at the ulster hall show that i spent some of the set in the sickbay. i'd seen them in reading a month or so before (was it 1990? i'm certain they did bossanova material - didn't they open with rockmusic?) and started a pixies fanzine named rock a my soul after one of the tracks on the sounds ep.

    i got somewhat disillusioned with the band after bossanova to be honest (i preferred the first breeders album, released the same year, over the two), and the drawn-out wait and unfulfilled promises made in the press (including my fanzine) by black francis about trompe le monde, made me realise that the band was off-the-rails.

    i still have copies of issues 1,3 and 4 of the fanzine. if anybody is interested i could try and sort out some kind of paypal thing to receive them.
  5. avatar 5Lighters
    As far as I can recall, the Ulster Hall gig started with the Bossanova opener 'Cecilia Ann' behind a black curtain, then it dropped and they blasted into Rock Music..
  6. avatar thecomeons_2
    that's right! it's the old age. memory isn't what it used to be. etc. etc.
  7. avatar river_0000
    Hey man, sounds great. I'd be well up for this! I'm a 25 year old bassist/vocalist from carrickfergus. However unfortunately I have a xy chromosome pairing... but wigs aren't that expensive.
  8. avatar yopetheboi
    why arent yous lookin a guitarist??? id too up for this, it wud nearly make me want to play bass.
    22 and jam in Belfast
  9. avatar whipchorus
    Sorry to go on a bit, but didn't they have an album out every year? 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 and then 1991? It was all done in a very short space of time. TBH with hindsight it's hard to imagine a big comedown when you get to Trompe Le Monde. For what it's worth, yeah it has some patchy stuff but to me it's the loudest thing they did.
  10. avatar leesub60
    i never understood why bossanova and trompe le monde got the stick they did. fucking amazing albums. there's not a weak song on either of them.
  11. avatar thecomeons_2
    [quote:3695fc6673]i never understood why bossanova and trompe le monde got the stick they did[/quote:3695fc6673] you had to be there
  12. avatar Bazinga
    Back in the game garzo - good man
  13. avatar leesub60
    [quote:e0b783168c="thecomeons_2"] you had to be there [/quote:e0b783168c]

    i was there. i still didn't get it.
  14. avatar thecomeons_2
    i probably wasn't open enough to any change in direction or sound.
  15. avatar Garzo
    You're up River. Realised we could just as easily avoid/rearrange female vocals etc. Wouldn't really matter. Don't want a carbon copy and would like to move to originals as well, so if you want to try out I'll send you a message and we can get together and jam them out. Yeah Trompe and Bossanova weren't terrible or anything, but they simply don't measure up to what went before. Needless to say we probably won't be doing much off those albums... Although 'Dig for Fire' could be amazing.
  16. avatar Strong Reaction
    Bossanova is my favourite Pixies LP.
  17. avatar 5Lighters
    fucking hell, you'd be mad not to at least cover Alec Eiffel, MAD.
  18. avatar ShayneThill
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  19. avatar Peefs
    bass player fenale 27 years old oerfect kim deal. Plenty of live experience, backing vocal experience, well able for pixies stuff only thing is i do not have an amp at the mo.....shortiebelle@hotmail.com