1. avatar rockinman
    [Hi all

    Can someone give me some advice about this.I'v got a crazy idea of forming a marching band that would have more of a feel good/carnavil feel playing lots of pop and rock covers!

    Iv been playing drums for 8 odd years(rock kit set up) I'm just looking to see if there is much intrest out there from other drummers,pipers and other marching personel?

    I would like to hear some feedback before I put any time in to getting this of the ground and I believe there would be a decent amout of work to put into it.


  2. avatar donWon
    happy days a marching band everybody enjoys :lol:

    hope it works out
  3. avatar rockinman
    hahaha thanks thats the postive feeback I'm looking:D
  4. avatar don sebestian
    [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEirzy4Rs_M]BLAAS OF GLORY STYLE???[/url] fucking love them!
  5. avatar loveisthelaw
    [b:792edeea65]Look no further than me[/b:792edeea65]
  6. avatar loveisthelaw
    I am also a drummer 31 years old drumming since I was 15 and student with a local pipe band
  7. avatar rockinman

    That link is almost what I'm after!

    Loveisthelaw! Are you free to join/form a band? Or can you give advice how I would go about startin this?

  8. avatar MiltonG565
    i would love to do this. I'm a bassist, but i also play guitar a little, and i have a tin whistle around here somewhere. any use at all? where are you based?
  9. avatar rockinman
    Hows it going

    I'm based in North Belfast! I can travel a little.Yes tin whistle would be brilliant thats along the lines Im thinking of


    That kinda thing
  10. avatar MSB Mastering
    I'm interested in seeing bands march in 7/8 or 9/16. Go on.
  11. avatar MSB Mastering
    I'm interested in seeing bands march in 7/8 or 9/16. Go on.
  12. avatar loveisthelaw
    Yes I am available and interested. My local band Annsbourgh pipe band is highly reputable I am only new and still at the one one one lesson stage so not at the parading stage off my career. I can seek pipers and the likes.

    The gem of a marching band is we are not limited to geographical confines or the size of a room. I have no shortage of things to hit.

    There is always the idea we could spend a weekend parading from one town to another as we perform on route with our ruck sacks and as we arrive at destination transform in to a campfire band
  13. avatar loveisthelaw
    Suggestions of instruments that can be played whilst moving:

    Snare bass drum or tom tom (with the aid of a strap)
    Wash Board
    Triangle, cowbell, tambourine bag pipes, whistles, acoustic guitars and all their younger siblings.

    I have a melodica which I assign myself as for hygiene reasons. I also have a a snare drum that doubles up as a tambourine.

    We could use a kit if someone had the luxury of a trailer secured or better still an open lorry with bars. Something like they use in the gay pride marches
  14. avatar loveisthelaw
    I have a mate to teaches bugle to scouts. I will see does he wish to be a part of this. I will also see if he can maybe sell us disused bugles and also help us recruit
  15. avatar rockinman

    Loveisthelaw,are you on email so we could have a chat about this? if you are send me an email at paddydoyle@mail.com
  16. avatar loveisthelaw
    [b:153c7cd8fc]Rocking man email on the way. It will be titled marching band. So you know it is from me[/b:153c7cd8fc]
  17. avatar loveisthelaw
    Check your email