1. avatar Thehangfires
    Anyone needing a decent support band give us a shout,only done about 7 gigs so far so are keen to get a few more to build up a bit of a following,we are a 5 piece rock outfit(nothin to heavy),our set is mostly our own songs which seem to go down well,the band age is from mid 20's-early 30's,no head melters or divas & we take it pretty serious so you don't have to worry bout us turning up& being a nightmare to work with or churning out a pile of badly practiced piss,what ul get is a tight set of decent tunes,which will leave the audience in the right frame of mind for the headline act!
    If you wanna know anythin more feel free to contact steve at
  2. avatar murfhit
    have you got any material to send us?
    If so, throw them to murfhit@yahoo.co.uk
  3. avatar SUPERNOVA
  4. avatar niall-mc
    And in turn would Supernova's band be willing to do the same? ;)
  5. avatar SUPERNOVA
    Certainly, did it 2 weeks ago!
  6. avatar niall-mc
    [b:5936c2657e]Certainly, did it 2 weeks ago![/b:5936c2657e]

    Nice one, good night?

    Had never really thought of doing this myself as we usually support other bands too. We've only been giggin since the summer but more regularly now. Putting our own night on eventually would be an idea.