1. avatar Tguitar1
    Singer needed for acoustic duo to play pubs clubs etc

    Mostly for fun but after a while making a little money would be a bonus

    Thanks, pm me if interested and I'll give some details
  2. avatar rachelc742
    Male or female? I'm a female singer and I'd be pretty interested (:
  3. avatar Von Rojas
    What type of acoustic? I can sing to acoustic but can't really play other than for fun.
  4. avatar Callum Scott
    Where are you based?
  5. avatar Von Rojas
  6. avatar Tguitar1
    Pm me
  7. avatar rachelc742
    Hey, have any demos?
    Cheers, Rachel
  8. avatar Tguitar1
    Give me an email address or something so I can link them?
  9. avatar mmcalinden
    Alright man, i'm sing and play guitar acoustically and hoping to get playing in a few pubs soon. Have you got any videos or recordings? my email address is michealmcalinden@gmail.com