1. avatar Lunar
    Hey folks,

    I'm looking to join or start a new band with dedicated musicians. I've been making home demos on and off for the past 5 months but I really want back into the band invironment. I put a lot of effort into making music but sure it'd be pointless without a bit of craic, wouldn't it?

    I listen to all types of music, everything from hip hop to metal so I'm open to trying different things. I'd have to say though that my favourite genres are Alternative, Rock/pop and Indie.


    That's a link to the home demos I've made, look forward to hearing from you.

  2. avatar kevinmullan
    where are you based
  3. avatar kevinmullan
    where are you based
  4. avatar marty mc
    Best of luck with this lad! Cant wait to hear what you put out! Would love to do it but could only commit to a once a week jam as im still in strabane!
  5. avatar Lunar
    Thanks Marty, hope your current band is going well man! I'm based in Belfast kevin.
  6. avatar racecarisracecarbackwards
    Hey man, I PM'd you!
  7. avatar A_R_Y_Z
    Hey dude my band is looking a singer and i just heard ur recordings you have a really kool voice check out my band and let me know if you would be interested


    we have demos up and are based in Lisburn but would be willing to travel to Belfast for practice, we need a singer as thats the only thing keepin us back from giggin basically.


  8. avatar Space Coyote
    What kind of thing are you looking for in a band Aaron?
  9. avatar Lunar
    Looking for something in the alternative/indie category, I'm keen to get something stable and get back on the gigging circuit. How's your band going?
  10. avatar Lunar
    Thanks to all who have gotten in touch so far, never expected so much interest! Currently on the lookout for a committed drummer and bassist so please get in touch if you're aiming for the same type of music. Cheers, Aaron.