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    "Paul Dukas (1 October, 1865 - 17 May, 1935) was a French composer, critic, scholar and teacher. A studious man, of retiring personality, he was intensely self-critical, and he abandoned and destroyed many of his compositions.

    At a time when French musicians were divided into conservative and progressive factions, Dukas adhered to neither but retained the admiration of both. His compositions were influenced by composers including Beethoven, Berlioz, Franck, d'Indy and Debussy."

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    "Richard Harris (1 October, 1930 - 25 October, 2002) was an Irish actor, singer-songwriter, theatrical producer, film director and writer."

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    "Vladimir Horowitz (1 October, 1903 - 5 November, 1989) was an American classical pianist and composer. His technique and use of tone color and the excitement of his playing were legendary. He is widely considered one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century."

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    "Joe Sacco (born October 2, 1960) is a Maltese-American comics artist and journalist. He achieved international fame through the 1996 American Book Award-winning [i:a384dae48c]Palestine[/i:a384dae48c], and his graphic novel on the Bosnian War, [i:a384dae48c]Safe Area Gorazde[/i:a384dae48c]."

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    "Mahatma Gandhi [2 October, 1869 - 30 January, 1948] commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi, was the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India. Employing non-violent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for non-violence, civil rights and freedom across the world."

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    "Talib Kweli (born October 3, 1975) is an American rapper."

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    "Stevie Ray Vaughan (3 October, 1954 - 27 August, 1990) was an American guitarist, singer-songwriter, and record producer.

    Vaughan's uniquely eclectic yet intense style was derived from a variety of musical genres. He was influenced by blues musicians including Albert King, Otis Rush, and Muddy Waters, and rock guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and Lonnie Mack, along with jazz instrumentalists like Kenny Burrell."

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    "Black Thought (born October 3, 1970) is an American hip-hop artist who is the lead MC of the Philadelphia-based hip hop group The Roots, as well as an occasional actor. Black Thought, who co-founded The Roots with drummer ?uestlove, is widely lauded for his live performance skills and his complex and politically aware lyrical content."

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    "Mike Clark (born October 3, 1946) is an American jazz and funk drummer, who is most noted for playing in the Headhunters band headed up by Herbie Hancock in the mid-1970s. Clark's performance on Hancock's album [i:b4282f04d6]Thrust[/i:b4282f04d6], and particularly the song [i:b4282f04d6]Actual Proof[/i:b4282f04d6], is often cited as one of the finest examples of the linear funk style of drumming."

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    "Steve Reich (born October 3, 1936) is an American composer who is one of the pioneering composers of minimal music along with La Monte Young, Terry Riley, and Philip Glass.

    His innovations include using tape loops to create phasing patterns and the use of simple, audible processes to explore musical concepts. These compositions, marked by their use of repetitive figures, slow harmonic rhythm and canons, have significantly influenced contemporary music, especially in the US. Reich's work took on a darker character in the 1980s with the introduction of historical themes as well as themes from his Jewish heritage, notably the Grammy Award-winning [i:f15a1be933]Different Trains[/i:f15a1be933]."

    - [i:f15a1be933]Wikipedia[/i:f15a1be933]


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    "Robert Hurst (born October 4, 1964) is an American jazz bassist."

    - [i:fb4860d511]Wikipedia[/i:fb4860d511]


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    "Steve Swallow (born October 4, 1940) is a jazz double bassist, bass guitarist and composer."

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    "Thom Yorke [born October 7, 1968] is an English musician, philanthropist, and singer-songwriter who is the lead vocalist, principal songwriter, guitarist and pianist of the rock band Radiohead."

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    "Shura Cherkassky (7 October, 1909 - 27 December, 1995) was a Russia-born American classical pianist of Jewish extraction known for his performances of the romantic repertoire. His playing was characterized by a virtuoso technique and singing piano tone."

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    "Jo Jones (7 October, 1911 - 3 September, 1985) was an American jazz drummer.

    He was one of the first drummers to promote the use of brushes on drums and shifting the role of timekeeping from the bass drum to the hi-hat cymbal. Jones had a major influence on later drummers such as Buddy Rich, Kenny Clarke, Roy Haynes, Max Roach, and Louie Bellson.

    In contrast to drummer Gene Krupa's loud, insistent pounding of the bass drum on each beat, Jones often omitted bass drum playing altogether. Jones also continued a ride rhythm on hi-hat while it was continuously opening and closing instead of the common practice of striking it while it was closed. Jones's style influenced the modern jazz drummer's tendency to play timekeeping rhythms on a suspended cymbal that is now known as the ride cymbal."

    - [i:e8b1b06a7c]Wikipedia[/i:e8b1b06a7c]


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    "Yo-Yo Ma (born October 7, 1955) is an American cellist and virtuoso. Ma is regarded by some as the most famous cellist of the modern age."

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    "Pepper Adams (8 October, 1930 - 10 September, 1986) was a jazz baritone saxophonist and composer."

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    "Toru Takemitsu (8 October, 1930 - 20 February, 1996) was a Japanese composer and writer on aesthetics and music theory. Largely self-taught, Takemitsu possessed consummate skill in the subtle manipulation of instrumental and orchestral timbre. He is famed for combing elements of oriental and occident philosophy to create a sound uniquely his own, and for fusing opposites together such as sound with silence and tradition with innovation."

    - [i:653ead80cd]Wikipedia[/i:653ead80cd]