1. avatar yopetheboi
    hi folks
    Love the pogues and wouldnt mind startin a wee band were we play pogues songs, possibly originals (if it gets that far) and any other irish covers with a bitta kick to them i.e dropkick murphys, saw doctors, dubliners whatever!
    Dont think id want a traditional irish folk band but one with more of a punk edge to it i.e the pogues.

    Im a guitar player, 22, been playing for 8 years can sing a wee bit. Been playin in rock bands for a while but wudnt mind tryin this.
    If anyone fancies it gimme a shout, not sure how big a band i want but
    vocals, drums, bass, skin whistle, and me on guitar of course would be a great start. Any other instruments are welcome too

    If any one fancies themselves as the next Shane Macgowan or can bate the fuck out of a bodhran gimme a shout and we'll see if we can get er off the ground.

    Live in Ballymena but also practice in Belfast so belfast area wud be grand for maybe a once a week practice.

  2. avatar niall-mc
    PM'd :D
  3. avatar jarlathcowan
    My first post!
    Pm'd! Sounds like fun!
  4. avatar Enkalon2
    You have a Private Message. From me.
  5. avatar yopetheboi
    still lookin a drummer and possibly accordian player folks!
  6. avatar TheNightMonkey
  7. avatar yopetheboi
    any accordian players????
  8. avatar yopetheboi