1. avatar Verbrannt
    My first post!
    Hello, I am new to FF and have an issue with an old forum post from a few years ago. The help section advises me to contact the forum moderator in this instance but does not tell me how to do this (either via external email or private message - I can't see any 'contact us' or equivalent). Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. avatar MiltonG565
    i don't want to sound like a dick, but if you are new here, why do you have an issue with a post that is years old? there is probably little they can do about it now, unless you want it removed, but look at the amount of stuff on here from years ago that is just arguing.
  3. avatar EWCraig
    You click your heals together three times and lick your nose.
  4. avatar Verbrannt
  5. avatar donWon
    I suppose you correct people when they spell incorrect in text messages as well??? nob edd :D
  6. avatar sloppyjoe
  7. avatar Recycled Alien
    I like it that the first reply starts "i don't want to sound like a dick" but the second responder doesn't take the hint.

    The founder and owner of the site is user "fastfude". You might try a "private message" via http://fastfude.org/messages.php
  8. avatar donWon
    [quote:44080a8102]incorrectly[/quote:44080a8102] nob edds :D
  9. avatar Moksha
    Post a link to the offending post.
  10. avatar Verbrannt
    Indeed donWon, that's the only logical assumption to make from a single post isn't it? Thanks Recycled Alien.
  11. avatar peasandgravy
    welcome to this friendly, no piss taking, well spelt forum. enjoy!
  12. avatar Chuffola
    Where everybody knows your name.
  13. avatar donWon
    how now brown cow
  14. avatar yumei
    My first post!
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