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    [i:5f063e9248][u:5f063e9248][b:5f063e9248]Note to all bands: [/b:5f063e9248][/u:5f063e9248][/i:5f063e9248]

    Many of you may know that Dupadisc Technologies are one of the fastest duplication/replication companies in Ireland/UK, where reliablity, performance and quality are very important. We even supply equipment and services to several other duplication companies, recording studios & creative studios.
    We are working on an online payment system to suit everybody, therefore you can order through the internet and send us the audio and artwork masters via post or ftp transfer.
    On our duplication runs - [b:5f063e9248]The most popular demo package[/b:5f063e9248] we offer is a 2 page booklet, slimline case, SONY CD-R Printed*(1-4 col) with delivery to anywhere in Ireland/UK. *The SONY CD-R's are simply the best!
    Example price/quantity: £120/100 units, £210/200 units, £300/300 units.........
    Our Replication runs - [b:5f063e9248]The most popular starter package[/b:5f063e9248] we offer is a 4 page booklet, Trayliner, Barcode, Standard Jewel Case, CD (2col) with delivery anywhere in Ireland/UK
    Example price/quantity: £750/500 units, £850/1000 units
    if your wondering why their is a small difference between 500/1000 units its because we get 1,000 paper parts printed (ie Booklet/Inlay) as in most cases bands/companies get re-runs, so it saves you more money the second time around.
    If you do find better prices let us know and we will be more than happy to match it once satisfied their is no hidden charges such as delivery cost etc. We do are best to be the most competitive in this market.

    [b:5f063e9248][u:5f063e9248][i:5f063e9248]For Your References:[/i:5f063e9248][/u:5f063e9248][/b:5f063e9248]

    POA - Price On Asking
    (2Col) 2 colour disc label
    (4Col) 4 + whitebase colour disc label
    (4:0) 4 colours printed outside and none inside
    (4:1) 4 colours printed outside and one Colour inside
    (4:4) 4 colours printed both sides

    Watch out for The Best Of Irish Unsigned Compilation in all good record stores soon........

    EPK - Need to get chatting to you soon, about the wee project your working on...........

    Good Luck