1. avatar TRIBE
    Unfortunately the police where called during this gig due to a complaint and a small break of the law but we got away in time. There will be more to come so keep updated and come see our asses get arrested.

    PART ONE http://youtu.be/8zhEQUObBpo

    PART TWO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX2J_tO6mw0&feature=share&list=ULXX2J_tO6mw0

    AWAKENING JAM DATES http://www.facebook.com/pages/Awakening/448695928497461
  2. avatar iain
    please dont do any more
    please do get arrested
    Beflast doesn't need any more of this tuneless drivel
  3. avatar flightstrip
    fuck!thats like garry glitter telling you NOT to mind kids!!

    keep it up guys...its strange but eerily cool.soundtrack sorta stuff....makes me want a digeridoooooo!!
  4. avatar MiltonG565
    yup, i liked it. you can play a gig in my yard if you want :D
  5. avatar drummer101
    Damn hippies making a racket in our nice park! A bit of time in the Army would do them good! Bloody racket!
  6. avatar Elliot
    You seem oddly proud that it was an illegal gig.
  7. avatar COLLIDER
  8. avatar MilesProductions
    Makes a change from street busking so as far as I'm concerned it's a good start.
  9. avatar Strong Reaction
    I'd like to see many of our derelict buildings being used as gig venues for one night only before being demolished.
  10. avatar sloppyjoe
    More exciting if they were used [i:7515f08bbc]while[/i:7515f08bbc] being demolished.
  11. avatar Rubbersoul
    Go for it boys!
  12. avatar ohmessylife

    ello ello what's all this then?