1. avatar james80
    Hi, I'm getting married next July and am looking for a wedding band that is both reasonable and not shite. Has anyone got any recommendations?

    Cheers, James
  2. avatar stevie j
    You want the Red Hot Roosters

    Call Ray on 07852202982
  3. avatar flightstrip
    Risky Business,full live 6 piece band,great varied setlist,plus u get free DJ.
    Just played Bellinis on sat nite.Wedding diary is pretty full but giz a buzz
    if u want to check dates and for a quote ;)


    (congrats by the way!)

    Available direct or through BPM Entertainment or Entertainment Unlimited

    andy 07894 645 881 (o2 number)
  4. avatar thefonz
    doesn't matter who you get they all play the exact same music, id advise you to go for the cheapest you can find, paid a fortune for my wedding band they were dead on music wise but def not worth the money no wedding bands are.
  5. avatar frontman2011
    100% second the red hot roosters.

    They are different from most wedding bands.

    Youll find indeed what that guy said was correct - alot of the bands play the same auld Adele Snow Patrol Elvis shite, where i find the roosters have a nice rockin edge.
    They sometimes play lilys on the lisburn road i check them out there from time to time.

    Do push on the price - get it as low as possible - youll get it.
    Its a cut throat service, and there are alot less gigs about these days - and for what some of the bands are running around the country for cash wise it makes you wonder why - some even risking tax evasion lol. The scene is cluttered with bands these days hence you coming on here asking.

    Just make sure to book a band with a good solid long term reputation and who are professional in how they conduct themselves at your venue. There are some truly terrible bands about.

    The Screaming Ipods are also another band with an edge to look up.

    Good luck but its always nice to have something different.
  6. avatar MiltonG565
    I would give rodney beggs a shout. he has a wedding band, and also plays gigs in pubs, usually 3-4 times a week every week, so he knows what he is at!

    Hes worth a call- 07837201058.

    congrats and good luck :)
  7. avatar flightstrip
    i think its a case of wedding bands playing what is asked for.with such a varying age range at weddings u have to play
    all the oul cheese of the day as well as more 'credible' stuff.
    speaking from experience,i have played weddings with blues/rock bands and EVERY wedding someone comes up and asks u to turn it down
    and play brown eyed fuckin girl,gambler,adele etc.if ur booking a band u gotta go see the band actually play 1st to make sure ur gettin wot u pay for.
    as mentioned, the Screaming i-pods do a lot of more alternative songs as well as the usual stuff,i should know as im singing for them this week at a wedding.
    id be curious to know how much people have paid for wedding bands cos i agree that some bands/agent hear the magical words 'wedding' and they double the fee which sucks ass.
    id be wary of going for the cheapest as u (mostly!) get wot u pay for.
    shop around...but DEFO go see the band play first!!
  8. avatar Uncle Buck
    Second what flightstrip has said, go and see them all first at someone else's wedding. Decide from there.

    Try Conor on 07818413097.
  9. avatar frontman2011
    Oh, I meant also to tell you to check out the big kahuna. a really good band. and horse will do you a good price.
  10. avatar Turais
    Cold Porter are great!
  11. avatar flightstrip
    big kahuna are very good.does simon mcbride still play guitar for them i wonder?
    of course if it was ME id book my band as we wont rip u off and i need the pittance we will charge u to buy a new guitar as mine got stolen by some low life:(

    oh,in the name of all that is fuckin holy be wary of getting a supposed 'live' band that actually use backing tracks!!!
    id go thru an agency as u get a contract and a choice of a back up bands in case the first one get killed in a marcus music style shooting spree!last thing u need on your big day is a no show,and believe me its happened.3 wedding gigs ive done with a few hours notice after the booked band gets a better offer elsewhere!luckily i have no life and can step in at the last minute!!
  12. avatar chuckbilliards
    second the big kahuna, great band, lovely fellas too
  13. avatar Clements

    Very different to other suggestions, but the quality is top notch.
  14. avatar CourtnayG
    My first post!
    Hi, I sing in a band called SoulShine Blue, we combine soul and blues but can tailor our set to suit what you want. Two girl singers, saxophone player, guitarist, bassist and drummer...fairly cheap, let me know!
  15. avatar Pete

    We can play as either a 5 piece band or with the addition of a horn section as a 7 piece band. We don't just play the same set week in week out, we meet with each wedding couple and build a set to suit the tastes of them and their guests. We even learn special requests just for you.

    Our service includes a free experienced Wedding DJ should you require one. Check our website for customer testimonials, more videos and recordings.



  16. avatar nonemoreblack
  17. avatar HardlyArt
    I've just booked Bandoliers for mine. Very reasonable.
  18. avatar james80
    Cheers for all the suggestions and advice. I'll check out all of the links!
  19. avatar Markus
    Hi. I second "The Big Kahuna" band. They are from Belfast, and are outstanding. They do a lot of corporate events as well as weddings. You don't have to take my word for it, but look at these video's :



    PS. Simon McBride doesn't play in that band anymore.
  20. avatar montanayaz
    manukahunney do a good job, reasonable rates...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfc8b07etA0