1. avatar Cornford Hellcat User
    We all know how sensational AB/CD are , TOP AC/DC tribute act and opening band ,Rezurrection , twin Gibson Les Paul Classic Rock outfit performing Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Skid Row, Whitesnake , ZZ Top, Darkness........and loads more !!!

    Sounds like a heck of a night to me , anybody here going along ?

    Rosetta Bar 23 Sep 05.....get tickets while you can
  2. avatar Mexico
    quantos dinero?

    aka how much
  3. avatar palrub
    £10, i'm going and i'm hauling my emotional baggage with me

  4. avatar Mexico
    if anyone else says there going count me in jimmy
  5. avatar Cornford Hellcat User
    its gonna be SUCH A NIGHT !!!!!!! we are all hoping the place gets packed out, AB/CD are just awesome !! hard to tell em guys from the real item.

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  6. avatar Daz
    where are tickets being sold?
  7. avatar Cornford Hellcat User
    its being organised by the quay vipers bike club, do a search on the web for them under quay vipers mcc, they will be able to tell you all you need.get your ass there, lets fill the place.
  8. avatar Rosetta
    Tickets are in Virgin, Hector's and here at The Rosetta, though I only have a few left.

    This has sold like hot cakes.
  9. avatar Cornford Hellcat User
    Yeah, Ive been askin a few quessies and it appears this gig has truly sold well , anybody else intending on coming along for a right ole blast of the stuff some of us , including me, revelled in when we were at school ?