1. avatar ohnoes
    this used to be such a great resource for discourse.

    What went wrong?

  2. avatar markmarkymark
    Both. Depends on the song.
  3. avatar ohnoes
    I see now. That explains it.
  4. avatar thecomeons_2
    i'm not interested in discourse. more of a live band man myself.
  5. avatar spanielwoof
    [url=http://www.dv247.com/guitars/ibanez-sr600-ntf-bass-guitar-natural-flat--66970] I play this with Mike Hock...[/url]
  6. avatar Turais
    whats that got to do with anything? I love fingerstyle! but I also use pick for gigs that require it. Unfortunatley, from what I've found, posts about actually playing instruments don't get very far on this site, but I'm up for discussing it if you want.
  7. avatar drummer101
    It's only been "discussed" 5000 times before. The conclusions are always the same. They are both valid methods of playing, a matter of preference, more suitable depending on styles etc.
  8. avatar loveisthelaw
    [b:39f6d1b4e0]It depends whether you are playing guitar or bass.If it's guitar fingers for nylon guitar, otherwise use plectrums unless you can play to the standard of Marty Friedman, Jeff Beck or Mark Knophler, which takes years to master. On the bass, I personally believe finger picking is more skillful but, that is subjected to the style tuning and speed of the music at hand.[/b:39f6d1b4e0]
  9. avatar die the flu
    The vast majority of new posts seem to be classifieds/ads for stuff and tend to dominate the first page of the site which loads as a result. The "general" forum (which is the one the debates of yesteryear would've taken place on) is also full of classifieds/ads. So its hard to find anything that isn't someone trying to flog stuff.

    I doubt there's any one reason though. I stopped using the site when I stopped doing anything particularly musical (arguably that was always the case). I also found that a couple of people annoyed me so much that I couldn't be arsed reading anymore, never mind posting.

    Also - I used to be in the fingers camp, then by and large jumped into the world of the plectrum. Now I let a computer do it.
  10. avatar gared
    For me, always plectrum.
  11. avatar chrisd_777_09
    The way I've always seen it is that you can only play adjacent strings when strumming a chord with a plectrum (unless you mute). With fingers you can play/leave out whatever notes you want. I'm sure there's plenty of pros the other way as well though. For bass playing (I'm a bassist), I prefer fingers but that's just me :)
  12. avatar silent koala
    [quote:afeee3c05b]this used to be such a great resource for discourse.

    What went wrong?


    Massive efforts were made to stop the place being the hotbed of argument and rampant bitching, shouting and swearing that it used to be. These efforts were worthy and successful. The unforeseen side effect was that the absolute balls-to-the-wall threats-made grab-you-by-the-throat rows that used to occur that went on were supremely entertaining and to the connoisseur, a certain something has been lost in their absence.

    The original fingers Vs. plectrum debate circa the turn of the millenium ran to several hundred posts of extreme silliness and a number of sincere death threats were made during the course of it. While things are much more civilised now, they are also of course much less amusing.

    I trust this assists.
  13. avatar silent koala
    Incidentally, since we're here, the above statement by Die the Flu regarding his use of plectrum does confirm that I WAS RIGHT.

  14. avatar feline1
    The discourse was of course destroyed by Roger who only ever set up the site in the first place in a desperate effort to wreck the Belfast music scene :lol:

    Or perhaps the discourse still continues, but only inside a special VIP area which you can only get into unless you have a signed copy of the Edmund Report and some chicken chow mein.

    Also let's give a big shout of to MySpace for destroying the very concept of discussion forums and replacing them with an utterly inane spam-filled kissogram where teenagers just run round off their tits on ketamine taking photos of their monged lips. OR SOMETHING.
  15. avatar silent koala
    Not for the first time, it occurs to me that the internet would be a better place if you were in charge of it.
  16. avatar die the flu
    Feline 1's birthday bash:

  17. avatar feline1
    I AM in charge of the Internets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. avatar Nature*Boy
  19. avatar Nasa Assassin
    Fanny or bum?