1. avatar rinky
    [b:16bf331fef][size=18:16bf331fef]LIFE AT THESE SPEEDS
    SCIENCE OF YABRA (ex-Yaphet Koto)
    THE SNAKECHARMERS (ex-Los Cabras)

    Friday 16th September
    Pavilion Bar
    Door: 9 Tax: 5


    [b:16bf331fef][size=18:16bf331fef]LIFE AT THESE SPEEDS[/size:16bf331fef][/b:16bf331fef]
    People who are remotely interested in [b:16bf331fef]SHOTMAKER, DRIVE LIKE JEHU, RITES OF SPRING[/b:16bf331fef] and [b:16bf331fef]TWELVE HOUR TURN[/b:16bf331fef] should dig this catchy and urgent hardcore four-piece from Portland, Oregon.
    Balancing heavy momentum with tight, quick instrumental changes and intense shrieks and riffs; tracks detonate with alarm-clock impact and build to cathartic release.

    “Just as Life at these Speeds begins its album abruptly, it also ends several tracks without warning. What's jarring on disc can be exhilarating on stage, because sudden stops make sense in a setting where gradual fade-out endings don't exist. Hearing these tracks and seeing them in concert is the difference between fearing for your life during an unexpectedly insane taxi trip and enjoying a stirring yet secure roller-coaster ride.” - Andrew Miller, Portland Mercury


    [url=http://www.killingcupid.net/say_yes.mp3]Life At These Speeds – You Know To Say Yes[/url]


    [b:16bf331fef][size=18:16bf331fef]SCIENCE OF YABRA[/size:16bf331fef][/b:16bf331fef](ex-members of A Great Divide and Yaphet Koto)

    Science of Yabra takes up where A Great Divide left off. There is something about the way they sound, start stop rhythms, insane vocals, blistering guitar, that will short circuit your brain. If you smell something burning you might want to go see a doctor. Amazing.

    “Take the more frantic bits of [b:16bf331fef]DRIVE LIKE JEHU[/b:16bf331fef] and [b:16bf331fef]HOT SNAKES[/b:16bf331fef], crank the volume ten-fold and make the vocals just a bit more aggressive, and you have Science Of Yabra nailed. Even still, Science of Yabra's signature, unflinching, punch-tuffness - heavy and hollered, but still uniquely melodic - belongs to only them. Not only is SCIENCE OF YABRA easily accessible to fans of the aforementioned bands, they are also knee-deep in a more heavy hardcore sound (say,[b:16bf331fef]HEROIN[/b:16bf331fef]) that would undoubtedly appeal to people of a more "hardcore" persuasion. Clearly this is not an accident. A f ucking great record and perfect for one of those early morning "wake the f uck up" tapes.”


    [url=http://www.scienceofyabra.com/yabra_saint.mp3]The Saint[/url]
    [url=http://www.scienceofyabra.com/yabra_rt.mp3]RT Hothands[/url]
    [url=http://www.scienceofyabra.com/f.mp3]We Make No Sound[/url]

    [b:16bf331fef][size=18:16bf331fef]With SNAKECHARMERS (ex-Los Cabras)[/size:16bf331fef][/b:16bf331fef]
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  2. avatar robbie13
    this looks like an awesome gig,i'm gonna try and make it up to this!
  3. avatar spirit of division
    fucking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. avatar rinky
    what's up Pete?
  5. avatar Strong Reaction
    I think Pete's lost his mind yet again.
  6. avatar robbie13
    [quote:ebb7f16670="robbie13"]this looks like an awesome gig,i'm gonna try and make it up to this![/quote:ebb7f16670]

    i don't think i'll bother.
  7. avatar Strong Reaction
    Looking forward to this. I demand vegan cheesecake.
  8. avatar rinky
    Pete Jez: Vegan Beefcake?
  9. avatar spirit of division
    hmmm...my above post should have read "Fuc king aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." That filter sucks. But yeah....
    [quote:a51dc46eaa]robbie13 wrote:
    this looks like an awesome gig,i'm gonna try and make it up to this!

    i don't think i'll bother.[/quote:a51dc46eaa]

    How come? It'll be ace! Promise.
    Rinky cake?
  10. avatar robbie13
    [quote:f2b2e2b0c9="spirit of division"]hmmm...my above post should have read "Fuc king aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." That filter sucks. But yeah....
    [quote:f2b2e2b0c9]robbie13 wrote:
    this looks like an awesome gig,i'm gonna try and make it up to this!

    i don't think i'll bother.[/quote:f2b2e2b0c9]

    How come? It'll be ace! Promise.
    Rinky cake?[/quote:f2b2e2b0c9]

    sorry man,i did'nt mean to be ignorant,not replying to your post!
    I was getting a lift up and down to this gig,but thats fell thru,i hope its an ace gig anyways!

    Hey if by any chance there's anybody driving up from coleraine for this? and have any room,give me a shout,i'll def sort you out some dosh for petrol!
  11. avatar spirit of division
    hmmm....you could always crash somewhere? pm me and I'll maybe do some asking for you....it'll be ace...ex Yaphet Kotto....I need no more than that.
  12. avatar Strong Reaction
    Thank crunchie it's Friday.

    Pete, text me if you need any help before the show. Off to bed to recharge my bass batteries....
  13. avatar rinky
  14. avatar smittennn
    mac, pete, ricki and ryan have been ON since wednesday a.m.
    this ought to be interesting watching THEM alone
    bands n' all.!
  15. avatar rinky
    Pete promised me a veg surprise for dinner later.
    I hope by 'surprise' he means, 'laced with benzidrine'.
  16. avatar Strong Reaction
    I myself prefer a quiet drop of bromide of an evening.

    First band at 9.30 sharp this evening.
  17. avatar spirit of division
    you'll get it and like it. mor magdala fun. party like it's 1999?
  18. avatar Strong Reaction
    What, is Prince gonna be there, carrot cake and gin in hand?
  19. avatar spirit of division
    dont you mean afkap?
    No thank god.
  20. avatar Strong Reaction
    I demand that he is put on the guestlist.
  21. avatar spirit of division
  22. avatar Strong Reaction
    Big Bumps.
  23. avatar spirit of division
    they're here and I will be soon....booya. Indeed.
  24. avatar rinky
    last bump
  25. avatar rudedoodle
    Here's another.

    See you there.
  26. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    Always suspected you were hopped up on goofballs ryan,

    I'd go if only mudhoney hadn't wrecked my brain and my car
  27. avatar spirit of division
    your car?
    Last nite was great and the guys totally restored my faith in peopl e- they were so cool and chilled it made everything else it made for the best nite I've had in a long time.....awesome.
  28. avatar EndOn6
    That was a excellent gig, thought all the bands were great but particularly liked Life At These Speeds, first time in the Pavilion too very good venue, definitely be making it along to more of these gigs